Who is Dr. Ann Love?

Dr. Ann Love is the Founder and Pastor of Pure  Love Ministries,  and a Christian Therapist, Pure Love Ministries is the Church and The Love Clinic "T.L.C."in Arlington, Texas, which is an alternative to traditional ministry. This Church offers prophetic teaching, revelation of the supernatural and yielding to the Holy Spirit in an interactive ministry setting. She has various topics such as Earth to Eternity Idenity Translation, Utopia - A place where God is, Unusual Acts, False Male Personality, Hermaphrodite Personality, What is your Love Chemistry?, Love Potion #9, Your Spiritual Sexual Identity,  The Electro-Magnetic Transfer, Pure Light and An Apostolic, Prophetic Release.  

She is  a pastor, conference leader, author, tv and radio talk show host, Christian Therapist, Founder of The Love  Clinic  and lecturer.  She has been in ministry since 1985, and she was the host of the "Live With Love" television show which aired on PAX-TV, the show also aired on 100.7 FM, KWRD in Dallas, Texas. "The Love Doctor" is a live call-in talk radio show that airs on 1360 AM, KMNY on Sundays at 12 noon. Her books include The Hermaphrodite Personality and EVE (A Womans Anthology).

Dr.Love holds a PhD and is a former Adjunct Professor of Hematology at Tarleton State University. She managed the Hematology Department at Arlington Memorial Hospital. She traveled all over the United States to deliver lectures to cardiologists and emergency room physicians in clinical chemistry using her expertise in Brain Natriuretic Peptides (BNP) as it relates to congestive heart failure and cardiac markers in myocardial infarctions. Her lectures were held at Louisiana State University, University of Oklahoma Medical Center, and she served as the keynote speaker on Brain Natriuretic Peptides at the Clinical Laboratory Management Association. She taught HPLC applications to the graduate students at Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Public Health. Her background also includes years of management in clinical settings such as the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD in the Department of Special Chemistry and Toxicology; Abbott Diagnostic Laboratories, Irving, Texas and Biosite Diagnostics of San Diego, California.

Dr. Ann Love Pastors with her husband, Executive Administrator, Ron Hunt and her son, Associate Pastor Rey Hunt, in Arlington, Texas.